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I try to be the best person I can. Of course, I don't always succeed but I think maybe it's the trying that really counts. That's another thing, I think too much. Despite that though, I'm overly cheerful. I just like life. And people. And over the last few months I've done this thing where I try really hard to not judge people, at all. To understand the reasons why they do what they do. I kind of live by the idea that understanding can overcome pretty much anything. You don't have to agree with everyone or everything all the time, but just understanding counts for a lot. Helps you think before you act and all of that. It's going pretty well but I'm disappointed with myself a lot still; my flaws are many. But all of ours are. And the point of living isn't to be perfect.
Anyways, this is my place on Tumblr. And you've just read my description. Which I have to commend you for because it's kind of pointless and over-explained (like basically everything I say - over explaining and analyzing is an issue). I've had two Tumblrs before this but long story short here I am now. I also have an original blog called 100 and some thoughts.
So, have an amazing day. You're beautiful. If you ever need

anything I'm open to listen.
"Time flies but you're the pilot." - The Script

Not to be one of those people all obsessed with credit (I believe that Tumblr is more than recognition), but I can’t deny the fact that this annoys me. A lot. My original blog is called 100 and Some Thoughts, url 100andsome.tumblr.com, and I created this list of words to use more often (the one on the bottom) a few months back.

Today on my dash, what do I stumble across? Someone has created an eerily similar list. If you look closely, some of the words are even in the same order. It would be nearly impossible for them to have made that list without looking at mine. And they’ve completely claimed it as their own.

Now, I’m not the first to collect words or try to improve my vocabulary - I don’t want credit for being some super original person, because let’s face it, I’m not. But what I DO want is for people to be respectful, and changing the source, deleting credit, and especially what happened here is not okay. It’s not kind, or mature, or anything of the sort. Taking something of someone else’s will not make you any better.

I’ve seen this so much on Tumblr, and to say it irritates me is to say that John Green’s novels are “decent”. (HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT PEOPLE) Tumblr is a place where we should all be able to feel proud of our posts and safe in sharing them, in venting, in being ourselves. We shouldn’t have to worry about someone ripping off our ideas.

I encourage you all to be respectful Tumblr users - don’t steal. It’s as simple as that. And if you see someone stealing someone’s art, writing, music, random crap, grandma, or anything really, please let the original creator know, so that they can handle it as they see fit. (Maybe they don’t care at all, maybe they do.)

Thank you all, you beautiful people you. Sorry for the mini rant, but stealing is not okay, end of story.

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